Our Story


Himalayan Secrets was built on a simple motto, “Eat Better to Live Better”. We believe that maintaining a healthy lifestyle should not be challenging, but rather easy by making simple changes to your daily routine. After discovering the raging health benefits in a simple commodity such as “salt” in its natural pure form, it opened up a whole new world for us. We have been suggested by health professionals to steer away from an element necessary for life, only to find out we have been using it wrong this whole time. Common table salt found in almost any grocery store has been altered, modified and stripped of its natural elements, making it harmful to any human. Although it may be extremely affordable, it may cost your health at the end. When we started hearing about salt which is mined from the Himalayan Mountains and all of the naturally occurring minerals and trace elements that it carry’s, it caught our attention. We were drawn to it even more after learning about all of the physical healing powers that it’s capable of.

We slowly transitioned from using ordinary table salt to using Himalayan Pink Rock Salt. Not only did it look pretty in our clear salt grinder, but made our taste buds joyful. After trying other products like Salt Lamps, Cooking Tiles and other Natural Salt Blends, we noticed that some brands differed in quality. Some products were of really low quality and it seemed unfair to display this nature's gift wrongfully. Special care for Himalayan Salt should be mandatory.

Months went by searching for the right people to help with our vision of creating high-quality products, we finally invested in producing and manufacturing our own products in Pakistan at the beginning of 2017. We wanted the best craftsmen and state of the art equipment to produce the highest quality Himalayan Rock Salt to leave Pakistan. Our special care towards minor detail has allowed us to display our products on a high pedestal. Our process of selecting raw Himalayan Salt Rocks from the mines with perfect color shades plays a major role when producing salt lamps. Our Himalayan Salt for food grade goes through optical processing to pull out any impurities embedded in the rock salt. Our labor workforce and skilled craftsmen have been exposed to life-changing opportunities to work and provide for their families.