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Compressed Himalayan Salt Animal Licks

Compressed Himalayan Rock Salt Animal Licks are made from 100% Natural and Unrefined Himalayan Salt which contains 84 minerals & trace elements that are essential for all livestock at all life stages. They are a convenient and ideal source of nutrients for all animals such as horses, cows, sheep, goats, pigs, deer, etc. Animals have a natural affinity for eating salt; therefore, Himalayan Compressed Salt licks provide them with regular salt requirements and other necessary minerals which contribute to their growth. They are available in 3 convenient sizes: 5.5 lb., 11 lb. and 22 lb.

How are they made?

We specially select Premium Himalayan Salt Powder which is then compressed into block shapes with curved edges and a smooth surface. We use extremely high pressure to form these block shapes that can hold together without the use of any binding agents. We have also provided a hole in the middle for easy mounting to a pole or for hanging in a stall using a rope.

How are these different from Natural Cut Salt Licks?  

The structure of the Himalayan salt mines is such that the salt varies in its composition of minerals. The salt at the highest point of the mine is very light/almost white which means that the mineral content is very low. The salt at ground level is dark pink/almost red and thus its mineral content is the highest. The rocks vary in their mineral content based on the extraction point which means that if the animals are fed natural salt rocks, the mineral consumption for the animals would vary and could not be controlled. So the process of compression ensures the presence of mineral and iron content evenly throughout the block. Natural salt licks which are naturally transformed do not guarantee the even distribution of minerals.

What are some benefits? 

  • Reduces nervous animal behaviors

  • Decreases stressful behaviors such as constant licking,

     chewing on fences etc.

  • Strengthens immune system and increases milk

    yields by 5-15% (12.8%)

  • Helps animals develop shiny & healthy coats

  • Helps harden the hooves of animals

  • Restores salt lost by animals via sweating in hot climates

  • Reduces animal drowsiness

  • Increases feed intake

  • Increases animal weight

  • Increased farm efficiency & productivity