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Himalayan Secrets has one of the only manufacturing plants in Pakistan that uses an extensive cleaning process such as computerized optical sorting machines and magnetic collectors. Precise weighing is also what differentiates us from other salt companies. Our methods are geared towards maximizing yield and recovery while reducing waste. We are committed to increased productivity and throughput with high capacity sorting to provide consistently high-quality rock salt.

 All of our manufacturing equipment is made from 316L stainless steel which greatly reduces the risk of rust contamination in our salt. We have installed several magnetic traps in the process to help select and stop any metal particles embedded in the rock salt. Our optical sorting machines automatically sort particles using a computerized process. Different shades of color like grey can occur naturally in rock salt. The optical sorting machine sorts the pink salt from any other shade and rejects the rest. These state-of-the-art technologies set us apart from other salt processing in Pakistan and make our pink salt truly edible and food grade compliant.