Salt Lamps

Buried deep in the Foothills of the Himalayan Mountains and kept a secret for many centuries, lies Pink Salt Crystals known as Pink Himalayan Salt. The beautiful pink hues display the salt's unique crystalline structure, with applied lighting results into glowing beautiful Salt Rock Lamps.

Each Himalayan Salt Crystal Lamp is hand carved making each a unique work of art. Himalayan Secrets Salt Lamps are made with premium Himalayan Salt Crystals hand selected by quality assurance professionals. 

Himalayan Salt Crystal Lamps can be set up in your workplace, your bedroom, a meditation area, or a living room. When turned on, Salt Lamps give a calming glow enough to softly light a room. Some users say the calming glow from a salt lamp helps them relax and wind down after a day. Salt Lamps are also great for Yoga or Meditation rooms as the role is to remain calm. 

All of Himalayan Secrets Salt Lamps are equipped with a dimmer which allows the brightness setting of the lamp. For when sleeping, the brightness can be turned all the way down for a calming night light. 

Salt lamps are extremely unique and come in many various shapes and sizes. People new to salt lamps are instantly drawn to them when seeing them for the first time as it is very different then a regular lamp. Salt lamps make a great decoration or center piece.

  • The color of Salt Lamps ranges in hues of red, orange, apricot, gray and white. No two lamps are ever the same since they are made out of natural rocks that vary in tones and shades of color even though they are mined in the same place. Each of Himalayan Secrets Salt Lamps is hand chipped and machine crafted for final touches, ensuring that the best combination of wall thickness and light power is achieved.

DISCLAIMER: Himalayan Secrets is a proud member/ sponsor of the Salt Therapy Association which is dedicated to research, education, and innovation. Many Salt Lamp Companies claim that salt lamps generate negative ions and cleanse the air- after studies done internally by the STA, the results show that these claims are false and Salt Lamps are not tended to cure or prevent any type of diseases. Salt lamps are used for decoration purposes only. For more info on salt lamp myths, please refer to

Our salt lamps come fully assembled with UL approved power cords, bulbs, and switches.