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17.6 oz Clear Butterfly Top Himalayan Fine Salt Shaker

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17.6oz - 500g
Butterfly shaker holes and spout
Fine Grain (0.3-0.5mm)

Behold the 17.6 oz Clear Butterfly Top Himalayan Fine Salt Shaker—a culinary maestro dressed in crystal-clear sophistication! This elegant vessel not only adds a dash of glamor to your kitchen but also houses the Himalayan salt that's as rich inside as its beautiful exterior. Like a winged messenger from the culinary heavens, the butterfly top flutters with grace, ensuring that your seasoning game takes flight to new heights. Elevate your dining experience with this shaker, where every sprinkle is a symphony of flavor, and every pinch is a poetic dance of taste. It's not just a seasoning accessory; it's a haute couture for your condiments, making even the simplest of meals a gourmet affair. Bon appétit with a side of style!

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