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Compressed Himalayan Salt Animal Licks 11 LB

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Looking for a natural and effective way to keep your livestock healthy and happy? Look no further than our Compressed Himalayan Rock Salt Animal Licks!

Our licks are made with 100% natural Himalayan rock salt sourced from the salt ranges at the foothills of the majestic Himalayas in Pakistan, which is loaded with 84 essential minerals and trace elements. This makes them the ideal source of minerals for all animals, including horses, cows, sheep, deer, goats, and more.

But what sets our licks apart is our meticulous manufacturing process. We start by selecting only the finest food-grade Himalayan rock salt, which contains a high saturation of minerals. We then separate the salt rocks into dark and light shades, with the lighter shades containing more sodium and fewer minerals. The powder grain salt is collected for creating animal licks, while the larger grains are separated for human consumption. This ensures that your animals are receiving only the highest quality food-grade salt. 

Next, we use customized Pressing Machines to compress the salt under tons of pressure. This ensures the licks' durability and prevents them from crumbling or dissolving too quickly. We've even tested our licks outdoors in extreme weather conditions, and they've held up better than expected.

But the best part? Our customers rave about the smooth surface, which is easier on their animals' tongues.

So if you want to provide your livestock with the best possible nutrition and keep them happy and healthy, try our Compressed Himalayan Rock Salt Animal Licks.

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