Himalayan Salt Cooking Block 12" x 8" x 2" With Stainless Steel Holder

Himalayan Secrets


HSSP882: 12" x 8" x 2" Approx. 11 Lbs

Add a touch of Himalayan magic to your culinary endeavors with Himalayan Secrets© Salt Blocks! Our secret lies in using only the finest quality Salt Rocks, which are the key to producing blocks with a consistent color and fewer visible cracks. We cut our Salt Blocks to a thickness of no less than 2 inches, ensuring a longer lifespan as they can absorb heat over extended periods. Unlike thinner salt plates, our Salt Blocks are less likely to break, crack, or explode when exposed to extreme heat.

The block comes with a sleek stainless steel holder that not only adds to the block's aesthetic appeal but also makes it easy to handle while cooking. The Himalayan Salt Cooking Block is perfect for entertaining guests, as it adds a touch of sophistication to any dinner party. You can use it to cook up some succulent steaks, juicy shrimp, or even your favorite vegetables. And the best part? You don't have to worry about adding any extra salt to your food, as the block provides all the salt you need.

Using our Salt Blocks as a skillet is easy! Just heat them up in an oven for about an hour before cooking; on low for 20 minutes, medium for 20 minutes, and finally on high for 20 minutes. Then, sprinkle a little water on top, and if it sizzles, it's time to cook up a storm!

If you're looking for a unique way to serve ice cream, pop our Salt Block in the freezer for an hour before use, and voila! An elegant and chilled serving platter that will leave your guests in awe.

Cleaning up is a breeze, too! Simply let the block cool down completely, scrub and wipe it clean, and store it for the next use. With proper care, this block will last for many years, providing you with a unique cooking experience every time.

Be cautious when handling a hot salt block, as it can reach extremely high temperatures and retain its heat for hours. Don't rely on regular oven mitts as they may not provide adequate protection. Instead, it's recommended to use high heat-resistant gloves or a carrying rack to ensure your safety while handling the block. Stay safe and enjoy the many benefits of cooking and serving on a Himalayan Secrets© Salt Block!

Please note that cracks may appear on your Salt Block with use. Don't worry, this is a normal part of the aging process for salt blocks. You can still use the block with cracks, or you can repurpose it in creative ways. Don't let the appearance of cracks deter you from enjoying the unique benefits of cooking and serving on a Himalayan Secrets© Salt Block!

Collections: Cooking Blocks

Type: Kitchen

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