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4.4 oz French Glass Himalayan Seasoned Pink Salt Shaker - Tomato Basil

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4.4oz - 125g
Square Glass Body - Shaker holes and spout
Fine Grain (0.3-0.5mm)
Flavor: Tomato Basil

Dive into the tantalizing tango of taste with our Tomato Basil Seasoned Salt – the culinary equivalent of a gourmet garden party! Picture this: a dash of Mediterranean charm, a sprinkle of Italian finesse, all handcrafted from the fanciest Himalayan salt crystals. This seasoned salt is like the dynamic duo of the spice world, where tomatoes and basil put on a flavor spectacle that could rival a Broadway show. It's the secret ingredient that turns your dishes into culinary celebrities, making caprese salads strut their stuff, pasta dishes break into applause, and margherita pizzas take a bow. Move over, bland – Tomato Basil Seasoned Salt is here to add a burst of flavor so epic, your taste buds might just request an encore!

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