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4.4 oz French Glass Himalayan Smoked Pink Salt Shaker - Real Wood Smoked

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4.4oz - 125g
Square Glass Body - Shaker holes and spout
Fine Grain (0.3-0.5mm)
Flavor: Real Wood Smoked

Welcome to the smokin' realm of our Real Wood Smoked Salt – the seasoning sensation that's as cool as the Fonz in your spice cabinet. Crafted with a finesse that only real wood smoke can deliver, this salt is the undercover agent your dishes didn't realize they needed. It's like a micro barbecue for your taste buds, each crystal carrying the essence of a backyard bonfire. Consider it the maverick of flavor elevation, transforming everyday meals into gastronomic escapades. Whether you're grilling, roasting, or just want to add a touch of suave to your avocado toast, this Smoked Himalayan Salt is your culinary wingman. Say farewell to bland, and hello to the smoky symphony that'll leave your taste buds asking for an encore!

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